Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Francisco's Problem Statement

Mr. Wild went on a trip to New Mexico with some friends. While in New Mexico Mr. Wild and his friends decide to go on a hike. During the hike they discover several unusual items such as: a car battery, old cotton lady’s gloves, charcoal, a piece of corn, and bread. My task is to discover how long the things have been there. The bread and corn had 97.7% of radioactive material left. The gloves had 99.01297% left, the car battery was lead based and had 57.057% left, and the charcoal had 98.285% left. I will use the generic formula of A(base of t)/A(base of 0)= 0.5^(t/t0.50) to measure the amount of radioactive material left in each object. t0.50 is the half life in each object. Since all the objects are made of the same thing they all have the same half life of 5730 years, except the car battery which is lead based that has a half life of 21 years. When I find out this data I will make a table,graph, and an exponential function to represent all the items and the car battery. Then I'll find out how the objects got there. I will assume it was natural disaster and look for something that happened in New Mexico during the time the object was first dropped.

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  1. 3 - You are missing the half life data. Also you are asked to other questions too.